Rowers of any and all experience levels are welcome at Cohasset Maritime Institute ('CMI').   On the water we row in four-person sliding-seat coastal boats specially designed for ocean rowing, such as the waters off Cohasset.  We offer adult and youth seasonal programs in these four-person boats from Spring to Fall, and utilizing our fifteen+ Concept2 ergs year round.  We are also introducing an adult sculling program with the help of our 2 double-seat and 2 single-seat boats. 

Learn to Row and Test the Waters! 

If you haven't rowed previously or it has been awhile since you rowed, CMI offers Learn-To-Row ("LTR") sessions a couple times of the year.  Our program typically consists of four sessions where you are taught proper form, technique, safety and a bit of the history of our club.  It is a great way to get a feel for our coastal boats before making the decision to join for the season.  If you have just heard about us and we are mid season please reach out to us via and we will see what we can do to get you rowing!

Adult Seasonal Rowing

Our adult programs run summer, fall and winter sessions.  Our adult summer season is about 12-13 weeks from May to August where rowers may join a crew(s) to row 1-3 times a week and/or join as a substitute rower to fill in on boats.  The fall season runs for about 6 weeks from September to October where crews join to row on Saturday mornings.  After that we move indoors at the Cohasset Recreation Center for indoor erging sessions led by experienced coaches. 

This past 2019 summer the adult rowing season was Sunday, May 19th - Sunday, August 18th, making it a full 13 weeks of rowing.  The fee for last summer's season rower was $435 and a substitute-only rower was $220.   Rowing was offered Monday - Thursday in the early mornings and evenings plus the weekend mornings until about 11am. 

Youth Seasonal Rowing

Our youth rowing programs are offered year round.  Seasonal fess vary based on the actual weeks included and the indoor (rowing machines, aka ergs) vs outdoor (on the water with coxswains) aspect.  At the start of each season, an email will be sent to existing members and the registration link with additional information will be posted to our website.  

Our youth summer season is about 8-weeks long starting at the end of June (typically after schools get out) until mid August.  Youth join based on grade level and experience.  We typically offer two sessions for rising 8th/9th graders and two sessions for rising 10+ graders.  Each program meets 2x a week for 1.75 hours each time.  Each session rowers are assigned to be part of a crew that consists of four rowers plus one experienced coxswain, that we have on staff, to steer the boat and coach the rowers.

Our youth fall season is about 7 weeks from September through October. (Registration will be available in August and information will be provided closer to that time.)  It is an intense 3 day a week program for experienced youth rowers who are serious about conditioning, technique improvement and racing.  It typically meets after school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30-5pm at the CMI boathouse.  Students from 8th grade through seniors in high school are included in this program.  

Our youth winter season moves indoors on our ergs that we provide to the Cohasset Recreation Center for about 12 weeks from December to the end of February.  This season typically has two sessions each of the selected days after school, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at 3:00 to 4:15 and 4:30 to 6:00. Rowers will sign up based on their experience/age and chose to erg once, twice, or three times a week. Once a week will be for novice rowers who will develop their technique and build some endurance. Twice a week will be for more experienced rowers who want to improve their performance, higher intensity, and more technical drills. Three days a week will be for those who want to prepare for the Indoor Crash B Sprints in Feb/March. 

Our spring season is also about 12 weeks running from March to June adn designed for experienced rowers.  The first month is indoors at the Cohasset Recreation Center, typically 3 days a week, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  from 3:30 to 5:30.  It will involve erging, running and abdominal workouts.  We generally move to meeting at the boathouse at the end of April where we put our skills and development to work on the water.  Rowers from this season will compete in the Essex River race and in-house races in Cohasset.