CMI Board

CMI's Board of Directors 

Eric Penanhoat (2025), President
Mark FitzGerald (2024), Racing
Kurt Livermore (2025), Treasurer
Kathy Desjourdy (2025), Secretary


George Baumgarten (2025)
Patricia Corcoran (2025)
Lisa Hewitt-Dick (2024)
Bruce Kristal  (2024)
John Liffmann (2024)
David Martin (2024)
Bruce McMeekin (2024)
Caitlin Reen (2025)
Kate Richardsson (2024)

Jack Buckley – Emeritus

THANK YOU to long standing Board Members Ed Craven (Treasurer) and CAbbie Harvey (secretary) who decided to step down this year 2023.

Elections occur at the Annual Meeting usually set in early Spring. Terms are two years (end year). If you are interested in a position on our Board please reach out to