More Than Rowing

When high school teacher Jack Buckley founded Cohasset Maritime Institute in 1994, his vision centered on providing students and area residents with a unique resource to connect sportsmanship to the South Shore’s coastal heritage.  Now 30 years later, CMI has grown from a few students, volunteers and a longboat to a highly-respected four season rowing program led by professional staff serving 150+ adults, 50+ youth and employing 20+ summer staff using a modern fleet of coastal rowing sweeps and sculling craft.


Growing CMI Campaign. The $200,000 Campaign is sponsored by the Board of Directors to support CMI’s strategic growth plan for the next three years. This plan assesses our capacity, capital resources, operating budgets, and future staffing needs. With participation growing, we identified key priorities to help us expand and improve the rower experience, including:

  1. Open to All.  CMI is a community organization that is open to all, inviting youth and adults of all ages, physical and financial abilities from across the South Shore to enjoy the health, fitness, and fun of rowing.  

  1. Youth-focused Mission.  Development is in process to enhance programs and opportunities for youth including:

  • Introduction of on-the-water coaching via chase boat to improve technical rowing skills for youth and adults. 

  • Continued expansion of four-season program offerings in rowing & instruction for learn-to-row, sweeps, sculling, rowing tanks & indoor rowers for youth and adults.

  • Expanded education & opportunities for environmental stewardship to enhance appreciation of the nature and the fragility of the waters that CMI calls home.

  1. People.  CMI is investing in its people, its greatest resource, with the hiring of full time Program Director Frank Townsend to help guide the organization, lead CMI’s programs and expand leadership training & mentoring for CMI’s coaches, coxswains and shore manager staff. 

  1. Programs & Equipment.  CMI continues to invest in state-of-the-art boats and equipment to support the growth of our rowing programs including 25+ Concept 2 Indoor Rowers plus our fleet of Mainville Fours, Double wherries, Maas & Echo Singles and the trailers, dollies and safety equipment that goes with them.


How can you help CMI Reach its $200,000 goal by 2025?

  • Make a Campaign Pledge online, or Pledge by mail

  • Donate by Credit Card, Check or Stock Transfer

  • See our campaign brochure for more information


Questions?  Email Frank Townsend

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